sneJ (snej) wrote in lj_dev,

Can entry.logtime accessor be added to S2?

I'm making an S2 style that outputs an RSS 2.0 feed, so that I can subscribe to my Friends page in a newsreader. (Actually I didn't write it from scratch, I'm starting with a copy of an existing one and enhancing it.)

The only real stumbling block is that there is no way to get the dates/times of friend posts. The time in the Entry object is in the user's local time, but it has no time zone information, which makes it useless as a real time. LiveJournal stores the actual time the entry was posted as the "logtime", but according to mart there is no accessor for it in S2.

(Alternatively: every journal has an associated time zone. If there were an accessor for that, then I could attach it to the existing timestamp of the post.)

Could this please be fixed? I don't know the LJ source, but this seems like the kind of thing that should be really simple, since it could be copied/pasted from the "entrytime" accessor. It's so frustrating to be 90% of the way to a real friends-page feed, but not be able to get dates.

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