dormando (dormando) wrote in lj_dev,

More stuff.

Yo all.

In the mindset that we should plan ahead, even before we get stan back and the new database server goes up, we need to find a place to order new webservers from. I do not believe that we will be ordering from ASL again...

The plan is that we need to secure a good place to order relatively inexpensive but reliable+fast webservers from (dual PIIIs, IDE drives, goodly amount of RAM..., 1U-2U rackmount.), and price out some servers to buy the instant we have the money for them. So, once we have stan back and set, the new database server up and set, and cartman running happily as photo server, we'll be ready to keep things skippy.

Anyone have any good suggestions? I'm probably going to give their sales+tech departments a buzz and grill them about as badly as I did microway over the alpha server (I would set orders for websevers from microway as well, but their intel line isn't particularily affordable.)

That's about it. Oh, and everyone who was deatlhy concerned about bus contention issues on the alpha: We moved the OS drives back into the system at an added cost.

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