Brian Kendig (foxmagic) wrote in lj_dev,
Brian Kendig

I've been wanting a simple app which will show me:

  • for each of my LJ friends,
    • for each of my LJ posts,
      • how many comments that friend made on that post.

This would help me notice when there's someone on my friends list who hasn't commented for a long time, for example.

I wasn't able to find any such app out there, so I'd like to whip up a solution of my own on my Mac. I figure the easiest way to go about it would be to use a Perl script in a terminal window, and use XML-RPC to communicate with LiveJournal.

Could someone point me to some sample code (Perl or otherwise) which will let me retrieve lists of posts and commenters from LiveJournal, so that I can then fill in the logic?

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