Humans love to hurt one another, don't we? (boogara) wrote in lj_dev,
Humans love to hurt one another, don't we?

PHP client

I'm working on a LJ client using PHP & XML-RPC, and am rather stumped on this...

function LJLogout($un, $pass, $exp_all = 1){
$result = xu_rpc_http_concise(

'method' => "LJ.XMLRPC.sessionexpire",
'args' => array('username' => $un,
'hpassword' => $pass
'host' => "",
'uri' => "/interface/xmlrpc",
'port' => 80


$_SESSION["lj_session"] = $result;

//print_r($result); // <-- just to show myself what the error message is

if($_SESSION["lj_session"] == "")
echo("LJ logout successful!");
echo("LJ logout unsuccessful!");

Every time I call this function, I get an error message saying "Client error: Missing required argument(s)". I don't understand why though...from what I see here, all that's required is the username and password...and, I have them both there. Yes, the password is already hashed (MD5), in case you're curious about that. I can generate sessions perfectly too...

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