Jenna (dandelion) wrote in lj_dev,

Tranquility II: claims to xhtml/css compliance and usericons.

Having seen how many people are using my tutorial for adding usericons to Tranquility II in the Recent view, I've created a modified version of the layout code which adds a toggle in Customisations to enable/disable usericons. Right now, you need a paid account in order to enable usericons, but this modification allows it for all account levels, like most other accounts...well, assuming it gets globally implemented, heh. At the same time, I've amended a few of the things which meant it wasn't xhtml/css compliant (the layout description was a little generous there), but there was one thing I couldn't seem to get rid of, an lj:user. No idea what's producing it- I couldn't find it in the Core, and the original layout and my edited copy only have a $poster where that thing's coming from, so I just left it as is. That means it still isn't compliant, insofar as it won't validate, but it's better than before.

A caveat: this is an update to a previous layer I created to add the userpic toggle. That one was tested on a personal journal by me, but this one hasn't been as I only have paid account access on a community. Communities don't get as far as $*show_entry_userpic, because their userpic display is controlled by if ( $p.view == "friends" or $p.journal_type == "C".... I do know that turning it on doesn't double up userpics in communities, so that's something.

Edit: it's now been tested on a personal journal and also works.

Here's the layout:
If you feel like testing it, copy and paste the things in the code section into a Layout layer, and then the "Always display userpic?" appears in Presentation in Customisations.

Edit #2: if anyone here has the necessary privs to amend the bugtracker ticket we'd be grateful :) See the comments for further details.

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