Счастье напрокат (tobe) wrote in lj_dev,
Счастье напрокат

LJ.XMLRPC.sessiongenerate and web-interface session cookie

Dear fellow members of lj-dev community, we have recently encountered problems with session-cookies while trying to access LJ via XML-RPC as documented in server reference. We're desperate and seek enlightenment.

Through LJ.XMLRPC.getchallenge we got challenge string which looks like his:
Then we experimented with both LJ.XMLRPC.login and LJ.XMLRPC.sessiongenerate methods, and as we understand, former fetches data about friend-groups and latter should've returned session cookie, which we would use in subsequent requests. Sessiongenerate indeed returned ljsession in the shape of string:
"Yeah, and Thanks For All the Fish", we thought, and tried to connect to web-interface with received string but to no avail. We tried to combine cookies with different names (ljsession, ljloggedin, ljmastersession etc.), but nothing worked.

So... Major questions are: 1) What are we doing wrong, and 2) how do we obtain this session cookie via xml-rpc to access web-interface?


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