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I'm looking for advice on setting up a Live Journal system for the University of Illinois at Chicago. The basic idea we're going for is to have a journal system that all registered students and staff can have accounts on. It will hopefully be a way for students, staff and professors to interact and I'm sure it would be a great for countless student groups.

So the basics of what I'm looking for in a journalling system are:

  • I love the LJ friends system, threaded comments and customizability, all great and I'd probably not get it in another system.

  • I need to pre-populate accounts and not allow users to create their own accounts.

  • LDAP authentication would be nice.

  • It should run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 4 or 5 (once it's out).

  • I'd like it to run on Apache 2 with mod_perl 2. I think I can handle the porting, I've ported other (smaller) apps.

  • It's gotta cost nothing. Sorry, I'd love to hire folks to do the work, but I don't have such authority, not at least until I can prove the value to the university.

I've been a fan of LJ for a while now, so I'm having a hard time imagining going with anything else, but to start with, am I crazy? (probably asking the wrong crowd but...) Are there any other open-source journal platforms I should be looking into that would be easier to set up and manage?

To get to a technical question. I've been hacking away at my setup, starting with an svn checkout from the trunk, and now I'm trying to start it up for the first time and I'm getting errors where in serveral places it's trying to use TheSchwartz/ I see LJ/Worker/ but no TheSchwartz/ So I'm a little flummoxed right now. (Part of why I'm questioning my sanity for taking on this project).

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