kunzite (kunzite1) wrote in lj_dev,

recent stable revision?

the latest public release of livejournal that's easy to find is from back in 2003. that's a bit old and lacking many of the current features of the program.

to me, version control makes it difficult to find a version that is all-around stable and won't break in thousands of places when you try to go run it.

if anyone has any idea of a (more recent than 2003, preferably some time in 2006) revision number that could be used without many problems, i think it would benefit the development community. especially the bit like me who would really like to play with the program, but has a limited working knowledge of linux and web server hardware.

also, if anyone could link me to an "installing livejournal for dummies" guide, that'd be helpful too. i've tried the commands in the livejournal server documentation but the displayed ones with '\' don't seem to work for me if i do a direct copy/paste.

thanks for any insight that you may have!

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