Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

ASL Progress

Vu is indeed a stud.

Not only are they sending us Stan upgraded with a Serverworks motherboard (this model instead of this model), but they're also going to upgrade Kyle for us, so we don't run into the same problem with that one. They said the motherboard in those machines isn't up to "the load we're putting on them". Which seems silly, since it's a server, and all a server needs to do is sit there and be on all day and all night. Why would they sell them in the first place? It sounds like they're having problems with the motherboard manufacturer... their "director" confirmed it was a problem with the motherboard, and the manufacturer wasn't working with them fast enough on the problem.

Now the only thing that bugs me is that we've wasted a ton of time, stress, and have to pay $50 per server for shipping.

Grrr. But I'm done with finals, so I'm not as pissed as I was this morning.

Cartman's new hardware should be here soon, then the db server will fly.

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