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Fuck ASL!

ASL now tells me that the system (stan) is not defective and it's just the memory test that's not working.... they said it passed their other stress tests and so it's fine. (this is the stupid foreign guy talking). He said if they disable the cache from the BIOS then the test that was failing works fine.

That's their solution!?!?


I told them it is a problem because the operating system was locking up every half hour, where the other identical machine has been running fine for months.

"So you want me to delete this Free whatever and install Leenux?" No, you asshole, I want you to put in a new goddamn motherboard and send it back to us!

I have to go take my final shortly here and I don't have time to deal with this incompetent non-English-speakin' dumbshit.

Mark, or somebody, everybody, can you call him and bitch him the hell out? I want our fucking money back, or I want a new system rushed out to us today. I'm sick of dealing with them. I diagnosed the fucking problem for a few days so they wouldn't have to, but they're still fucking clueless.


I won't be back until 4:30. Keep me updated.

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