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The Other Mac OS X client

Hey all,

I haven't posted here before, so allow me to briefly introduce myself. I'm Marc, the author of PhLJ, the QNX LiveJournal client, MLJ, the Motif LiveJournal client (I needed the Motif practice), and now I'm working on a LJ client for Mac OS X, named Laughing-gas Junkie. I released v1.0 a couple weeks ago or so, and have since found a few bugs (icon issues, proxy issues, version info stopped working mysteriously) but it is working quite well.

You can check it out at the LgJ webpage:
Laughing-gas Junkie

I'm posting this entry from LgJ right now ;p.

There are some screenshots, and a binary download (sourcecode coming soon).

Any feedback, comments, etc... are much appreciated!

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