Greg Hewgill (ghewgill) wrote in lj_dev,
Greg Hewgill

cookie changes with export_comments.bml

I've written a livejournal backup program called ljdump that downloads your journal and comments into handy XML files on your local drive. It appears, however, that the recent login/cookie changes have broken ljdump's use of export_comments.bml.

I request an "ljsession" cookie by using the getchallenge/sessiongenerate functions in the flat interface. I get back an "ljsession" value which I save to use later as a cookie. This part still works.

When I call export_comments.bml, setting "Cookie: ljsession=", I get back an HTML page that says I'm not logged in and that I need to do so. This is the part that doesn't work today. It was working fine just a few days ago.

I can't see anything obvious that I'm missing here. I tried using both and, thinking that the subdomain might make a difference. I do note that export_comments.bml works fine in my browser, though the non-www request is redirected to a hostname.

Does anybody have any idea what else I might need to do here?

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