Thomas (shepline) wrote in lj_dev,

Livejournal Cookie Problem?

I have a problem with viewing my journal through my website which I think is probably caused by the new way that cookies are stored.

Basically, if I view my journal at and then I can see my protected entries and the protected entries of my friends, and also friends page comments in my style...

However, if I look at my journal (as I normally do) through and then I can’t see any protected entries even when I clear the browser cache, delete cookies for both lj and Shepline, log back in, and reinsert the session id into my login box in the right hand column of those pages. This used to work without any problems prior to the recent livejournal changes, however it doesn't work now.

Can anyone suggest a way for me to fix this problem so that I can see all of my journal through my site again?

I have also posted this in support, but as yet haven't a response.

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