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RE: Changes to User Subdomains or "The worst change ever happened with LJ, as it seems."

Ok, let's see what all we have now:
1) your (LJ's) DNS servers get more busy;
2) our DNS servers get cache increased;
-- "DNS load is the least of our problems", says bradfitz. Yes, I'd rather agree.
3) Search engines get confused (?); -- upd.: bradfitz and abates deem that SEs'll be less confused... eventually. ;-)
4) Users using proxy servers following RFCs which have forbidden "_" in DNS names get even more "fun". -- upd.: Nope, nope. I was mislead to this conclusion by a post made in some community I read.
The only thing which is left to ask is why LJ's DNS have records with "_" in name, but this don't have any relation to the URL default scheme change. -- upd.: LJ "uses" it if and only if your DNS-query contains it; there are no "underscored" DNS-records in the LJ's DNS.
+ upd.:
5) vampwillow: "The LJ favicon fails to work ...." -- bradfitz: "Give us a day."
6) Users' habits get crumbled (discussion);
7) snej: "OpenID auth is broken, too" -- bradfitz: "A fix is checked in to cvs, but it can't go live until at least tomorrow".
-- bradfitz: "Fixes are live on the site now."

8) sub_divided noticed wrong redirection when trying to access a community's tag list.

Thank you for your answers, corrections, explanations and additions!

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