irCQYkfmTckhbqKS (thehumangame) wrote in lj_dev,

What is an OpenID user, anyway?

I was messing around with OpenID the other day at my oh-so-cliché Other Blog, and I was surprised to find that OpenID users can't join or post to communities. This prompts the question: just what is an OpenID user in LiveJournal's scheme of things? I had kind of, in the back of my mind, thought of OpenID users as "LiveJournal users with offsite journals"—i.e. full participants in LJ who just happen to have their journals elsewhere. But as currently implemented, OpenID users are basically just a step above anonymous users.

Now I'm confused. Do the LJ developers have in mind a specific "role" (for lack of a better word) in mind for OpenID users? Are they supposed to be LJ users who happen to have offsite journals (and full support just hasn't been implemented yet), or are they supposed to just be limited-capability "authenticated pseudonymous commenters"?

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