dormando (dormando) wrote in lj_dev,

Inner (cartman) balance...

Yo all,

Cartman was being a fat bastard, so brad and I kicked it around a bit.

Things were slowing, and brad had recently started shuffling tables across the two pairs of drives inside cartman... but it wasn't enough. Tonight, I grabed the wonderful sysstat set of tools for linux and started running iostat, while watching in another window. Directing Brad as to which drive is getting the most reads/writes/s.

So, we finally landed on a good balance. SDA is getting slightly less reads, but slightly more writes, and SDB is getting slightly more reads, and slightly less writes :)

Now, all of a sudden, I CAN GET TO MY FRIENDS PAGE AGAIN!

Celebrate! Just not so hard, cartman's still not doing so well ;)

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