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Inconsistencies in Userpic Printing

Here's the basic idea. We've got many different ways of linking and not linking userpics in entries. What do y'all think we should do? The comment below is from a bug I opened in zilla.

There was discussion about layouts linking userpics in entries. Or not linking,
as the case may be.

Many users recently would like to link the userpic in entries to the allpics
page of the poster of the entry. They will use Entry.userpic for the picture
and Entry.poster.username to insert after $*SITEROOT/allpics.bml?user= .

mart has stated that most layouts link these pictures to the poster's journal
and not the allpics page.

Some of the s1->s2 layouts behave how he intends.
There are many however that don't behave this way.

These don't link to anything:
3 column*, A Novel Conundrum*, A Sturdy Gesture, Classic, Clean and Simple,
Cuteness Attack*, Dear Diary, Digital Multiplex, Flexible Squares*, Magazine,
Nebula*, Notepad, Punquin Elegant, Quite Lickable, Tranqulity II*, Unearthed*,
Variable Flow.

These link to allpics:
Opal*, Smooth Sailing*

These link to the journal:
Component*, Generator, Tabular Indent

Boxer* is just weird. Entry.poster.username links to the poster's journal.
Entry.journal.username links to the... umm... journal's journal.
Entry.journal.name links to the journal's info page.

Bloggish doesn't show userpics. Yet.

11/25 are LJCom layouts.


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