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Zeh new Alpha Server.

Yo all.

The Great Brad has given me the wonderful opportunity to describe the brand-spankin' new Alpha server we have painstakenly planned out over the last week. Well, here it is:

Item 1: Dual Alpha 667MHz/21264 264DP with Linux
QTY: 1 Each
Number Smasher 264DP EV67 motherboard
featuring ONE Alpha 21264 667 MHz CPU (upgradable to 2 CPUs)
with 4MB Cache per CPU
6 PCI/1 ISA, 2 Serial/1 Parallel
2 GB of SDRAM (8 Each 256MB 200-pin DIMMs)
Full Size Server Tower (10 Bays)
600 WATT Power Supply
ITI6100U2-N Ultra2 SCSI Controller with Ext LVD Cable (RAID)
Integrated Adaptec Ultra SCSI Controller with LVD Cable
2 Each - 10/100 PCI Ethernet RJ45 with 10^Ò cable
8MB PCI Video
3.5^Ô Floppy Drive, PS/2 Keyboard, 3-button Mouse
Red Hat Linux Deluxe (CD) v6.2 (Large file support needed) (Installed)
(No hard drive in server. System to boot from RAID array)

Item 1 System Price: $10,395

Option 2: 216GB External RAID 10 ARRAY (7U Rackmount)
QTY: 1 Each
C4E-U160-4 RAID Cobra 4 Enterprise^Ù, 10HH, SCSI-SCSI array
- (1) 4 channel, 64-bit controllers with 128MB of RAM & BBU ea;
- (1) 10HH bay enclosure with dual, 400W hot-swappable
redundant power supplies and fans.
- (1) Controller module with dual hot/swap 450W power & fans.
- (6) 36 GB Ultra/160 SCSI 10000 RPM Hot swappable
- On-line expansion & level change module included
- GUI for HA, management, configuration, and advanced (local/remote)
monitoring of controllers, discs, power supplies, fans, &
- RAID Arrays are S.M.A.R.T. capable. Advanced disc failure detection
- Performance up to 160MBPS per channel.

Option 2 RAID Array Price: $11,910

Mmm, get to the droolin' ;) I bolded randomly, for emphasis. I should probably go back and do other funny things to it, but someone'd get pissed.

We can continue to lob on 3U rackmount drive bays onto the external RAID controller system, and kick up the max to something awfully obscene. Also hook up two servers to one array if we would wish to. We'll start with 108G of RAID 10 space.

If anyone wants more specific information, I can hook you up with links to mobo or chip information.

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