az_za (az_za) wrote in lj_dev,

I could mot figure out how to submit a bug report, so I'll just post to this

The problem is that when you try to export you journal in xml format. The xml file is
incorrect. That's what I mean: The xml is valid, but all lj markup such as
<lj user=""> converted to substitutes. This tag for example looks like this
&lt; user=&quot;&quot;&gt; -- a valid expression in xml.
If you write a simple sed script to convert it back it will be
<lj user=""> -- incorrect xml expression, as it must be
<lj user=""/>
The same happens with <img>, and <lj-cut> tugs.
This actually defeats all the xml strength, as you cannot process such a file.

In addition the attribute values, such as align=value in xml must be quoted
like this align="value". In LJ produced xml they are sometimes quoted and sometimes not.

As far as I remember in xml all uri must be encoded -- they are not.

Why I cannot download xml for a range of months?

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