Martin Atkins (mart) wrote in lj_dev,
Martin Atkins

New Customize Interface

The fact that there are two style systems on LiveJournal already is confusing enough, but this new pure-CSS styling will lead to there being loads. These are (roughly):

  • Pre-defined TypePad-style Design: pick a layout (in the TypePad sense) and a stock theme, choose what's going to be in your sidebars (or just accept the defaults) and you're done.
  • Custom TypePad Theme: a stylesheet generated from a pretty UI based on color/style selections, just like S2. Could probably skip this one if we made S2's interface better.
  • Predefined S2 layout: pick a layout (in the S2 sense) and a theme, and then customize the options for your chosen layout.
  • Custom TypePad-compatible CSS: pick a layout (in the TypePad sense) and then either link to or paste into a box a CSS stylesheet.
  • Custom S1 style: Enter some nasty HTML full of hardcoded URLs and inextensible structures and you have a style. (Deprecated)
  • Custom S2 layers: Learn S2 and write your own S2 layout or override parts of an existing one.

There will need to be some way to rationalize all this. The capabilities of each are all mixed up. For example, a predefined TypePad theme doesn't let you change the colors but it does let you change the sidebar content. Predefined S2 layout lets you change the colors but the options relating to sidebars are usually either rubbish or non-existant. Also, there will need to be some way to explain this mess to users with no knowledge of CSS, TypePad, LiveJournal or S2.

Time to give /customize/ a shake-up, I think.


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