nqulizer (nqulizer) wrote in lj_dev,

LiveJournal case study in master's thesis

We have used LiveJournal as a case study in our thesis entitled "Mobile Friendly Web Services" for our Masters of Science degree at Tampere University of Technology, Finland!

To describe what the thesis is about, I'll include a short clip here: "In this thesis we will explain in detail what exactly is mobile friendliness and why the current Internet, for the most part, is not mobile friendly. Then we will use two open source projects, Gallery and LiveJournal, to demonstrate how existing software can be modified to achieve mobile friendliness. Gallery is a very popular web image gallery software and LiveJournal is a popular weblogging service with millions of users. We add to these software products functionality to recognize mobile user agents, and based on that, alter the layout and scale images. For the image gallery we will also build a support for Nokia s Image Uploader, which enables phone owners to upload images directly from their camera phones straight to their Gallery account."

To learn more about mobile friendly web services, you can read our entire thesis online.

The software results of the project are running at www.moblab.net.

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