tagboss (tagboss) wrote in lj_dev,

sorry... forgot to introduce myself before i started commenting.

I'm Alan, and I head my own corporation which primarily focuses on science and technology, with their relation to the arts. I have worked with computers since I was a 9 year old, hence why this business started as a club back in 1996. I spend my freelance time helping others with anything that I can offer help with, and I am in the middle of a project to get a version of LiveJournal (the server) working on a Windows NT based system.

I've just completed a year-long Honors in Research dissertation and project related to computer network security at the Academy (which is one of two high schools I am graduating from this year) and I am going to be a freshman at UConn next year - attempting a possible double degree program culminating in a BS in Business Management (which I already have been accepted) and a possible BS in Computer Science or BSE in Computer Science & Engineering (it will be one or the other)... I think that's just about it about me.

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