Guardian of Terra (alamar) wrote in lj_dev,
Guardian of Terra

Summer of Code

I see, LiveJournal is mentoring in Google's Summer of Code. I use LiveJournal daily, I'm a student, and my favorite language is Perl.
So i'm considering writing code for LiveJournal if you're interested.

Please, tell me where can I apply? I know Perl, SQL databases, i know how things like CGI, HTTP, Mod-Perl work. Something server-side?

I also can write some client software, if you ever need .Net or KDE (preferred) client programs.

Please, tell me which tasks i might be eliglible for.

Some words about me - in my life i wrota a bunch of BASIC, C, Perl, Java, etc programs, varying from small scripts to severe things like sample internet shop on perl+mysql (in university).
I've contributed small bits to OSS projects, but yet to try massive OSS development.

Thanks for your patience.

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