Average Joe (tmtl) wrote in lj_dev,
Average Joe

Yet another introduction

"Oh bugger" I hear you all sigh, as I join lj_dev

So, here goes I guess

I run a small web design company. So can (hopefully) create nice HTML.
I am happy enough to write perl scripts - 9 times out of 10 I have no idea how to achieve the goal, but always seem to find out
I am currently teaching myself MySQL - and at the moment am fairly happy with it. As it all seems logical. Although, designing the actual database isn't my forte ('e' with a squiggle ;-) )
At the same time, I'm teaching myself PHP. It's all right, but I personally prefer perl whenever I can. Possibly because I know more of perl

I know essentially nothing of Linux, sorry guys but this is a Windows box :o(
That said, I am currently downloading Linux (Mandrake if anyone's interested. I'm open to suggestions)

Tell me what to do, and I shall attempt to make your dreams come true. Well, that or complete the project you gave me - Whichever comes first

LiveJournal's great, and I am willing to help in any way, shape, or form that I can

I know I'm far less talented than most, and have fewer skills (And no qualifications as of yet). But that doesn't stop my eagerness for learning and helping

If this profile isn't enough for you, feel free to ask
If it's too much, feel free to ignore

- Ben

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