Brad Whitaker (whitaker) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Whitaker

Calling all FB Client Developers!

It must be apparent to everyone by now, but FotoBilder (LJ ScrapBook) is in desperate need of some nice GUI photo upload clients for Windows/Mac/Linux. We already have a new client protocol that is fully functional and actively being expanded, but very few clients using it.

What do we need?

  • simple GUI upload-only clients (with security/gallery support), preferably linked to explorer/etc
  • full-featured gallery management clients
  • plugins for existing photo management software
  • libraries to assist other developers
  • command line tools for geeks
  • cool stuff I can't even imagine yet

Unfortunately, no one on staff here has the time (or expertise, for that matter) to work on creating a good GUI upload client. Without a really nice way for users to upload pictures to ScrapBook, I fear that it will become stagnant. So, in traditional LiveJournal style, I'd like to put out a call to client authors to help us come up with some cool clients.

I've created a new community (fb_clients) specifically for development discussions of new clients. If you are interested in client development or have questions, about where to start, you should join the community. Clients which are of polished & stable release quality will be linked from the ScrapBook download page. Though my time is limited, I plan on personally answering protocol questions and feature requests in fb_clients.


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