Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Dynamic comment management

Feel free to play with the dynamic comment management that I posted about earlier.

Just turn on your beta-test user flag: (I just turned everybody off.)

The "AJAX" comment management means you can delete/[un]screen/[un]freeze all without leaving the comment page.

It'll work for S2 or S1, assuming you don't have your own custom S2 layout. In that case all you really have to do is surround your comments by the DOM id provided by $c.dom_id and delete will work.

For screen/unscreen bar color changes to work you'll need to define a JavaScript event handler for those actions. See the other layouts for examples. Search for "set_handler".

Let me know bugs, browser issues, or suggestions. (In particular, I want to let users be able to style the dynamic box thing with CSS, but for now it's hardcoded grey/black... not sure the best way to do that without requiring the CSS to include !important, which seems wrong....)

Update 4:18pm: Whoops, I hadn't put the S1 code live. Works now.

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