abhaypradhan (abhaypradhan) wrote in lj_dev,

database connection error

Hi, I'm posting here after trying lj_everywhere, sorry for the cross post, but I think i'll get more answers here.

For my company, I need username's > 15. Hence, I've changed the table definitions for table user and useridmap and expanded the field user to char(25).

Now, I'm doing external LDAP authentication. If the user enters the first time, an account is created and the insert into the database is done in load_user. However, after ten mins, if somebody new tries to log in, i'm getting a "sorry, database temporarily out of order" error message. Funnily enough, if i restart mysql and apache, then it works for some time after which I again get the same error.

Has anyone else got the same error? Have i broken something after my field expansion?
Is there anyway I can debug this? apart from putting LJ::debug("foo"); in different places?

note, existing users have no problems, so there dosen't seem to be a problem with the database connection part.

Here is the insert statement..
in short, help!

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