Joe Wreschnig (piman) wrote in lj_dev,
Joe Wreschnig

LJ::Client 0.3.0

No, I'm not dead, just slow.

LJ::Client 0.3.0is up, along with Clint (the sample client). Since 0.2.x:
  • Friends support (accessing and editing)
  • Export tags! Much less cluttered namespace. journal, friends, mylj, metadata, files, and utility, plus a minimal export with users, rc, login, and postevent.
  • Unless verbose is on, the library prints no output (or shouldn't).
  • Better POD
  • send_login returns a list (0/1 and message)

In clint,
  • lj-memos, synchronize with a Palm memo pad
  • lj-friends displays and edits friends
  • lj-users adds, deletes, and sets the current user.

The friends, user, and posting/editing interface are now slushy; they shouldn't change before 1.0.0. The sync interface is still subject to change in the future, probably.

I realize most Perl hackers are probably busy on the LiveJournal code, so feel free to ignore this for the next week or so :)

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