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What are everybody's thoughts on getting a NetApp, good and bad? I was pissed off at them at first because after I filled out the info request form on their website they kept hounding me, but today one of them came by and we went to Subway (mmm... cookies) and talked, and I think I'm still drooling over how cool these things are.

$20,000, though. That's within our budget, but kinda tight. Might need to borrow some money from somewhere for a month or so while we make it back. I think we have around $10,000 or so spare right now.

The marketing drone answered all of my questions wonderfully ... I was pretty impressed. Now I just need to validate all his claims. He says that people commonly use these things for databases, and that's their largest sales area lately. He says in the past accessing databases over NFS was 'scary', but people do it all the time now.... I asked if you could setup multiple database servers to all use the same NetApp at the same time and he said you could, and people do it all the time....

I guess they're certified and endorsed by Oracle, DB2, MS-SQL, etc, etc....

He also offered to bring in a system and let us try it out for awhile. That'd be cool.

Thoughts? These things seem damn cool from what I read and what the marketing dude tells me, but I'm always weary of marketing people... somebody confirm that these things are as cool as they seem, or tell me in what ways they suck.

and worst:
Multiple MySQL servers running on the same database stored on an NFS store
is not something you should try at all. Threaded locking is unreliable by
itself on Solaris and Linux if I read the MySQL docs correctly, and NFS
locking is worse than that. You'd absolutely need a thread-safe flock()
implementation that works over NFS as well - good luck with your quest. :)

and more:

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