mpn (mpnolan) wrote in lj_dev,

Multiple interest search

Hi, I'm Mike. I wrote a comment statistics program a while ago, so some of you may love/hate me for that one. Now I've got another idea.

I'm planning on writing a program that, given two interests X and Y, returns all users with both interests. This would be very easy to do if I had something like interestdata.bml only returning usernames with an interest rather than interests by username. Since nothing like this seems to currently exist, I wrote a small script named userinterests.bml. I scrapped it together from reading interestdata.bml and interests.bml, so I'm not sure if it works/how efficient it is. But I figured I'd contribute something rather than just requesting such a page be created.

So what's the possibility of userinterests.bml being applied to the LJ source?

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