grahams (grahams) wrote in lj_dev,

Blogger API Question

I am writing a little python automation script for the Sunday Night Film Club to ease the effort required to announce the week's movie in several different forums (LJ, MT, Craigslist, Newsletter).  I have been using the LJ Blogger API, and it's been working great, except I can't figure out how to turn on LJ's "preformatted" property for the event.  I've read this document, and based on that I've tried adding the following text to the beginning of the post:

  • lj-preformatted: true
  • lj-opt_preformatted: true
  • lj-preformatted: 1
  • lj-opt_preformatted: 1

Am I missing something, or is this prop not supported (or is there some completely seperate way of handling this property)?  Thanks


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