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Journals and WAP

kunzite1 redirected me to lj_dev community, hoping you could help me out with this.

I wanted to give a possibility to our server's users to read journals using WAP-access. So I created S2 style, that outputs WML. Since set_content_type() in S2 makes no sense, I used PHP to set the right "content-type" and some other things. It works like this – my server with PHP loads a specified journal page with appended "?s2id=xxx" string (S2 style ID of my WML layer) and then does some processing to get the content valid.

It works on my journal. I tried it out by myself on other journals, specifying the "?s2id=..", to see how it looks, and it works, too. However, PHP cannot load others' journal pages with this style, because it is an anonymous user.

Can there be something done, so this stuff could work? I don't care about protected entries, it's OK not to get these. But can PHP be authenticated as a some registered user, using something like this – "http://wapuser:pass@someLJpowered.server/users/anyotheruser/"? Is there some way to log-in my "WAP gateway" server? (Even if it is done every time it loads a page. We don't have so many users.)

I'm a co-administrator of our LJ-powered Latvian blog server. I'm a "trusted" user, I can make this layer / style public or whatever. I have access to the "bowels" of our server, if that can be useful somehow.
Our users are almost weeping for this. :)

Kristaps / </a></b></a>x_f


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