CemWEB Research Project (cemcom) wrote in lj_dev,
CemWEB Research Project

Membership lists for communities with more than 500 members

I've been doing research on visualizing the LiveJournal community space using implicit links between communities. In particular, I'm using the number of members two communities have in common as a weighted edge between those communities. This type of visualization seems to be useful in making salient the strength of inter-community ties and visualizing possible relationships between communities (e.g. mediatory links between two communities-of-communities).
A brief write-up of the research (with pictures!) is here: http://cemcom.livejournal.com/7511.html

A large issue with what I'm doing, however, is that I'm not able to get membership lists for communities with more than 500 members. These communities doubtless play key positions in the LJ community-space, and any analysis failing to include them is probably incomplete. The community info page (which is what I've been scraping, because it has more of the data I wanted to collect, compared to the FOAF feed) is limited to displaying 500 members. Is there a way I could get this data? I would be willing to write any code necessary, if that is helpful, though it seems like a simple SQL query would take care of my needs.

Thanks much,

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