My Life as the Thrill Kill Kult (thefowle) wrote in lj_dev,
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hello all. been idling here forever, and i have something useful for once i actually tried doing. i have a really badass thread on semantic web & niche media markets but i wanted to post a link to the page which would show the far-more-concise lj-cut version. i resorted to posting to the day of entry. the basic premise is i can do mypost.html?ljuncut and it'll look like it would from a friends page or from a journal page.

this is a simple patch to take the arguments and feed them into LJ::CleanHTML::clean_event from within EntryPage_entry. this is completely untested code in every manner possible, but i believe how i think would be done. its near the tail end of a long call stack - very nice form their lj coders, thanks - and fairly autonomous, so it looks ok.
on line 262 of the august 25 2003 snapshop, insert:
# show a cut edition of your page in post form.
if ($opts->{'getargs'}->{'ljuncut'}) {
$entry->{'props'}->{'opts_preformatted'}->{'cuturl'} = 1;

ideally it should also display something indicating that it is a cut page?

first time really digging through lj code. very nice. took a bit of cross referencing (mainly verifying that getargs was in fact the uri's arguments, but far less effort than expected. well done!

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