Jesse Proulx (jproulx) wrote in lj_dev,
Jesse Proulx

Weekly todo

Mark's taking a mini-vacation, so I'll post this for him. This includes some things we'll be working on while Brad is on vacation, so it's not exactly a weekly todo:

* Update the FB to LJ posting interface (david, michael)

* clean up UI/docs for Fotobilder (jesse, whit, mahlon, david)

* memcaching of FB APIs (whitaker=lead, others)
  - and make a memcache-keys.txt file

* hashref -> "class"ification of FB (whit, mahlon, michael)

* zilla (david, jesse)

* useridlookup and dropping 'user' index from user table. (whit)
  - mimic FB's useridlookup table
  - just user.usercs.  no user.user column.  (like FB, breaks
    existing queries intentionally that weren't updated)

* mogilefsd setup docs and mogilefsd website for (jr, whit)

* flesh-out (everybody, divide and conquer)

* phoneposts and captchas in mogilefs (junior, mahlon, michael)

* API (over SSL) for other sites to say ", user=bob,
  phonenumber=5035551212, pin=2314".  then if is trusted (some
  ljconfig hash including the trusted IP address(es) to get RPCs from)
  then we auto-vivify that userid on LJ if so.  requires useridlookup
  support.  (whit, mahlon) - also proper locking

* serving phoneposts (and other files?) for other domains.
  - some ljconfig hash maps hostnames (
    to [ $function, $domainid ] or something.

* iphoto to fotobilder import tool (michael)
  - just copy the one from the 'gallery' project

* user backup harness (michael)
  - locking so we can run multiple copies all over.
  - mogilefsd getting/putting.
  - think about how to store several snapshots of their
    journal:  most recent, week ago, month ago.

* user backup refinements (junior)
  - make sure the log2 and talk2 tables are backed up
    reliably.  log2: make sure you have all the jitemids,
    then select all the revtimes from logprop2, and make
    sure they match exactly.  if different at all, resync

* mogilefsd commands to get stats: (whit, junior)
  - replication status (how many items/time(?) behind)
  - files in system?
  - disk space in system?
  - disk space per device?

* mogilefsd commands to query device/host states, and
  change device/host states.  then command line tool
  to do those actions.  'mogadm'.  reads trackers from
  ~/.mogile.conf (whit, junior)

     mogadm host bob device 17 dead
     mogadm host bob device 17 tempdown
     mogadm host bob device 17 up
       # but can't transition from dead to up. just tempdown to up.

  And the "host bob" is redundant since device 17 knows its
  host... it's just a sanity check.

* portable replacement for Linux::AIO using pure perl, fork,
  and unix sockets passing fds. (junior, michael)

* X-Perlbal-Verify-Write: 1 (junior)
  - new HTTP header to Perlbal during PUT requests that says to:
    buffer up to 1MB (default) from client in memory, checksum
    it in memory, write it to disk async, then read it back from
    disk async, verifying the checksum after reading it.
    but to bypass the kernel buffercache, you'll have to open
    the file O_DIRECT.  you can probably just open it for
    both reading and writing and O_DIRECT all at once, and just
    reuse the same fd the whole time for both writing and verifying.

* plan for subversion metadata (LJ-specific) on changesets for
  tracking dependency info, and "pre-go-live" info, like
  what other changesets or actions (update-db, lib-reload, etc)
  need to happen (low priority)

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