Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

FTP Server

I need to find a good FTP daemon that'll let developers upload new stuff to livejournal without having to go through me as much. So far the best FTP daemon I know of is ProFTPD but I haven't really used it ... I've downloaded it, untarred it, read through the docs some, but that was months ago.

I'd like the following in whatever solution I pick:

-- users won't need user accounts on the machine. preferrably the FTP server allows some sort of pluggable authentication and authorization module, so I can write an auth/authz handler that connects to the LJ database and uses the LJ priv system

Currently maintainers of documents are using the file edit tool which I hacked together in 10 minutes to let users edit documents on the site. this doesn't work when you need to upload binaries, or when somebody needs to upload a ton of files.

If we can't find a solution I'll make the fileedit system just let you upload a zip or tarball, but FTP would be cooler ... plus a lot of the less-technical LJ contributors know how to use their CuteFTP programs. :-)


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