Russell (zimzat) wrote in lj_dev,

My intro to the LJ-dev community

Well, the community info says I should introduce myself so here I am.

I have wanted to get involved in LiveJournal's development for some time. Not only do open-source programs fascinate me, but also the thought of helping a big-time community develop is very intriguing.

My problem is I'm coming from the wrong side of the tracks. I originally programmed in Visual Basic but am now coding mostly in PHP. I've noticed that LiveJournal is developed in Perl so it seems I won't be of much help here. I can, however, read (and debug) virtually any programming language but trying to do more than simple modifications are another story.

I'm also working on becoming an ex-windows user but am being too lazy about downloading Debian or any other decent Linux system. I once had Mandrake installed and now have Fedora Core 1.91 installed, however my sound card won't work under it and I can't stand not having my music play so I haven't gone back to it since installing it.

I'll be hanging around trying to integrate myself into the community however I can. I'd love to help so if there's anything I can do please let me know.

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