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Questions and direction

Hi, yesterday I installed an instance of livejournal on the intranet where I work. I'd like our analysts to be able to keep log books/journals of their daily activities, as well as have communities to post to for certain sites we oversee.

First, is this is the right community to ask questions about customization and how to tweak features? If not, please point me there.

Second, I would like all users to be friends of all users by default, upon creation of their journal. Is this possible by just changing something in the config file? If not, I'll live and just add them manually.

Third, is it possible to prevent regular users from creating communities? I'd like that capability reserved for our sysadmins.

Fourth, is there a way to change the look/feel of the initial screen that comes up from our instance of LJ? I'm getting a little confused by all the style possibilities. This is the one that the users will see from

Feel free to just link me to docs if they're appropriate, also is there a LJ developer type FAQ that might answer some of these questions? Please forgive me if they're those sort of questions that get asked over and over again.

And finally, if you're interested, our occurance of LJ is to allow infosec analysts at the DOE's NNSA to better communicate and log activity from each of the NNSA sites throughout the country. We very much appreciate all of the hard work put into the project, I think it's going to be the perfect answer to what we're trying to do.

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