fôxglove (fg) wrote in lj_dev,

XML-RPC interface

hello. if this is the wrong forum for this question, feel free to direct me somewhere else.

the xml-rpc interface is very useful, but i'm consistently coming across this one problem:

why do structs returned have all sorts of weird variant types?

for example, types that you expect to be string, like the names of the friend groups you receive from the server, might actually be of type int if the user happened to name his friend group '1234'. why is the interface doing this curious interpretive casting? as a developer trying to make a basic set of structs to work with, this is causing a lot of headache.

also, sometimes the server will decide to return text back as base64, even though i've set ver=1 and we're using UTF-8. another mystery!

if there's some reason to do all this switching back and forth of types instead of being consistent, that's fine. but i'd appreciate some sort of general outlne of what sort of mixing and matching to expect. so far, i've only seen the behavior with strings: they can be returned as a string, int, or base64.

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