nqulizer (nqulizer) wrote in lj_dev,

Mobile Friendly LiveJournal


I'm one person in a team whose goal is to provide mobile friendly web services. Our main interest lies in creating example code that adds mobile friendly features (maximum usability also on mobile phones and PDA's besides desktop use) to as many popular open source web applications as possible, and--perhaps even more--in creating awareness of this new breed of web users, one with special requirements and limitations. Creating and maintaining separate, derivative works is something we don't want to do, instead we wish to push these features into existing systems, preferably as close to the core as possible.

So far we have been working on Gallery and PostNuke. Demos are found at Mummola.

Also mobile friendly LiveJournal is almost completed. Check it out: Mobile LiveJournal or if the first one is down, try it on another server. (changing journal style to S2 enables mobile features also for journal pages)

We are intrested in your opinions and what we'd really like to see in the future is a mobile friendly livejournal.com.

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