Life is a Highway (highway) wrote in lj_dev,
Life is a Highway

Abuse Abilities...

Has there been talk/suggestion about adding/changing the current code so that people that have been given abuse abilities/access can be allowed to see suspended accounts so that he/she can review any issues involving the suspended account.

e.g. User refuses to remove copyrighted material from journal entry, account get suspended -- user emails back saying that the stuff has been removed -- person working abuse is not able to verify unless he/she unsuspends the account and review the matter -- resuspend if matter is still unresolved.

Would be great if that 'extra' step of unsuspending/suspending could be taken care of by simply allowing a check to see if person viewing has abuse privs?

Just a thought and seeing if something like this has already been suggested.

If so, please point me to the journal entry?

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