Roy (owdbetts) wrote in lj_dev,

Comments e-mail

I raised this in support, thinking this was a bug, and was told it's always been this way, but I'm really not convinced, so I thought I'd ask here, too...

I was of the belief that in the past (maybe a year ago) we got e-mail for indirect replies to our comments. ie A makes an entry in their journal, I reply, C replies to me, and D replies to C. In this situation, didn't we used to get e-mail notifications of D's reply?

I distinctly remember notifications with some rather unwieldy wording in them; something like D has replied to a comment in a thread that you commented in

But support say that e-mail notifications have never been sent in this case, and I never saw any announcement about a change. Am I really imagining it, or has there been a change in comment notification behaviour some time over the last year...?


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