Dave Zarzycki (davezarzycki) wrote in lj_dev,
Dave Zarzycki

Security knobs improvement

Has there been any discussions to update the privacy knobs on LiveJournal? More specifically, I'm looking for something more like what Orkut offers where many interesting bits of meta-data about yourself have a individual security selection right next to the input field where you can control the depth to which people can know that piece of information about you (yourself, friends, friends-of-friends, everybody).

For example, I really wish I could show my location to friends-of-friends and my birthday to only friends.

And speaking of friends-of-friends based security, I wish LiveJournal offered such a privacy setting for journal posts. Would that be difficult to implement?

Oh, last, but not least, since the community's profile asked for it, a quick introduction: Let's see, umm... I think I'll let my journal mostly speak for itself. It has lots of pictures for you people who don't like to read too. ;-P

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