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Comments in RSS posts (part 2)

This past week I posted on a topic and then submitted a bug to zilla.

The topic was on the handling of the RSS feeds and an error in displaying comments. Basically the bug was misreading the 'allow comments' preference as to whether or not to display a <comments> tag.

Now, I continued the original thread over whether it was appropriate to use the nc-link (if chosen by the user) as the link in the comment tag. One reader pointed out that this might cause a story to become un-visited in the news reader every time the comment tag changed. He also suggested it might be a bad hack

So, I went back to the 2.0 specification. The spec did define that the comment tag should point to the page where the comments reside. For LJ, that would be the entry's individual page without the nc-link information.

My problem is that I would like a mechanism so that a news reader application could track this data appropriately. I wound up looking at the specification for the RSS 1.0 and 2.0 Blog Comments Module. This seems to be something that could work well in conjunction with LJ.

As it is an external model, it can be ignored by readers that can't process it. It can also become another "Paid only" function to have this data added as it would probably add some processing time to the process.

So, I am curious. Does this sound like a viable solution? Does this sound like something that can be implemented to the existing RSS feed generation mechanism with little overhead? Is this a solution that the LJ PTB would support? What about Naomi?


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