M (conculcate) wrote in lj_dev,

Small issue, should be easy to fix

When using the <lj user> and <lj comm> markup, the site currently defaults to putting the usernames in all-lowercase when rendering the page (in fact, this scheme is maintained throughout the whole site whenever showing usernames). But when a username is being used to start a sentence, it would be preferable to have the option of making the name as you enter it case-sensitive (so that the first letter of the sentence is capitalized), so if I enter <lj comm=Lj-dev>, it appears not as lj_dev but with the "L" capitalized as it was entered. It's a minor issue, but since usernames are never case-sensitive I can't see any reason why the pages shouldn't render with the same capitalization as they were originally entered with. Why shouldn't people be allowed to display usernames with whatever capitalization they please?

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