Evan Martin (evan) wrote in lj_dev,
Evan Martin

semantic annotation project

I recieved this email from Timothy Chklovski:
I'd like to discuss with someone the possibility of enhancing the "livejournal experience" with semantic annotation supporting better search - roughly, the users would be given a chance to effortlessly (wiki-style) annotate their posts for better argumentation, search, stats generation. Our project should be able to fund development of some open source code towards this goal, with the development most likely done by us (but in an open-source, help-welcome fashion.

We are a research group at USC's Information Sciences Institute (ISI), and I am a research scientist there, having completed my PhD from MIT in Artificial Intelligence in '03. If you could reply or forward this message as appropriate and please cc me, I'd appreciate it very much.

You can respond to Tim at
, and I'll also point him at the comments on this post.

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