Waador (waador) wrote in lj_dev,

Comment Tag Options

First off, hello to all. I'm a new member to this community. That said, I've been playing with customization options, and have been thinking about the 'leave a comment' area.

Currently, it can be set to say something for a single comment, and something else for >1 comments. My question is, why don't we alter this a bit?

The ability to set something along the lines of:

1 comment // 2 comments // 3 boring comments // 4 more comments // # comments

...and so on could be a vaguely interesting addition. I imagine a reasonable limit would need to be set on how many custom comment definitions you could have, to prevent every user from having about a million, and eating up seven hard drives. But, the overall idea seems like a decent one.

Another way to go about it could be ranges, so that we have:

<1-10> comments // <11-20> complaints // <21-30> flames // # responses

Where # could either be considered any number greater than the greatest range set, or any number not within set ranges, so you could set <1-9> and <11-20>, and # would superimpose itself over comment 10, since it wasn't specified.

It's just an idea, anyway. I imagine it might be slightly difficult to implement, but I think it'd be enjoyed overall by users if it were. (Especially those with nothing better to do.)


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