Jason (squeaky19) wrote in lj_dev,

Changing coding style on .bml pages.

After posting http://www.livejournal.com/community/lj_dev/620282.html I got no response, and I guess that because I really didn't ask a question.

If you go back and read it I was talking about what seems like old vs. new coding pratices for .bml pages. I've found instances on my site in particular that variables weren't carying from the BODY=> are to other areas (including crumbs). I've foudn that if pages are coded in such a way that there is one large <?_code _code?> section before the <?page page?> section then all the variables carry across with no problem.

What I am proposing is that me (or someone else) go through all of the .bml files and convert them to use this method of coding. I have already started doing this on my LJ site and it wouldnt be a problem for me to submit patches to zilla if its decided that this will be used. Otherwise I'll just keep this stuff to myself.

I can't see how this will hurt, and it seems to me like a more efficient way of parsing the files, though I haven't really looked into the bml engine to see the internals.


Yeah, I guess I kinda suck at asking questions. Basically, if the work is done and submitted, will it be used?

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