Mark Smith (marksmith) wrote in lj_dev,
Mark Smith

Hiding Friend Ofs, Take 2

Update 2: There already was a big discussion on this feature. My posting to lj_dev is in RESPONSE to that huge discussion of 344 comments located here:

If you missed it and didn't get your feedback in, I'm sorry, but we incorporated lots of the sentiments expressed and we've come up with what I think is a fair compromise of all points of view.

I'm reopening comments for people who are still READING the threads, but I do ask that people stop discussing it--at least, here. I think both sides have adequately expressed their points of view and further discussion is going to end up with Godwin's Law being invoked. :)

Update: I have disallowed comments to this entry to stem the tide. I had hoped that I could get some feedback on the Perl code I wrote, not to have nearly a hundred comments from people arguing back and forth about the relative merits of this.

- There will not be notification that someone has banned one or more people from their journal or hidden any communities. This works to defeats the purpose of having the feature.
- People are only hidden when they are banned, which should limit the abuse of this. After all, you're not just going to hide someone for the hell of it--that is, if you want them to be able to comment to your posts! (And everybody wants comments.)
- Communities can be hidden selectively or entirely. This is for many reasons, but there are no plans to change it.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast.

New patch posted. Anybody want to actually review it?

1) You can show/hide your entire friend of list, like you used to be able to.
2) You can ban users from the new Privacy and Permissions page. When a user is banned, they will not show up in your friend of list, even to you. They are, for all intents and purposes, gone.
3) You can hide all of your community memberships, or:
4) You can hide individual community memberships. Once you've hidden a membership, it does not appear in your Posting Access, Friend Of, or Friends lists. It's completely gone from your user information page. (Except to you--you can still see it, of course. Log out if you don't believe it's gone.)

However, you are still listed in the Members list of the actual community. For example, you can hide your membership in lj_dev, but if you go to the user information page for the community, someone can still see that you're in the members list.

In addition, communities can not hide their member lists. So it's not totally private, but it's a step in that direction.

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