e-null (e_null) wrote in lj_dev,

LJ Development Survey

HI All,

I just joined the LJ_DEV community. First let me congratulates all the lj developer for making such a cool blog for all of us.

I am an IT profeesional, and I am making a comparative study on software development. I feel that LJ has set an example for a successfull software delopment project.

So if you guys are willing to spare some of your time, I would really like to know how LJ has been developed.

The first part of my study is to compare the design phase of a software develoment. So I am really interested on the design phase of LJ.

I would reallyu like to know these key points :
1. How did lj_dev did user requirement gathering?
2. How was the user requirement validated?
3. How did lj transform the user requirement to a proper design? What is the design methodology that lj uses?
4. How does lj copes with user requirement changes along the design phase?

Thank you guys for your time.

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